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Electric Transportation Tech

Connected fitness weight technology optimized for performance, comfort and design




CLIP is a portable consumer device designed to instantly upgrade any bike including a shared bike to a pedal-assist e-bike at a fraction of the price of a traditional e-bike.


DC Creatives has led the mechanical engineering design and development of the CLIP from inception and we are proud to continue to support the Clip team through the manufacturing and sustaining engineering efforts.


CLIP was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 best inventions of 2020.

Plug & Play E-Bike Tech

The award winning CLIP is the only bike-upgrade tech that is ready to go out-of-the-box and needs no tools or modifications for installation. CLIP is designed to upgrade both old and new bikes and is far more affordable and convenient than any competitor.

Climate Change Technology

CLIP is solving for stemming the majority of tailpipe emissions from the typical 3 to 6 mile urban commutes by making it convenient to switch to bicycles from cars. The global future of mobility is green with e-bikes at the forefront of green mobility and CLIP is democratizing access to e-bike tech. Optimized for the urban commuter. Activate CLIP when you face an uphill climb or to coast that last stretch to your destination.

Smooth Pedal Assist

CLIP's powerful friction drive delivers smooth power on demand to make any urban commute easy as the breeze. The friction drive design gives CLIP its power and unique plug and play features. When you engage CLIP, the small roller on CLIP transmits torque directly to your front tire, driving you forward without any need for complex sprockets or gears. 

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