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Connected Fitness Weights

Connected fitness weight technology optimized for performance, comfort and design




DC Creatives led the engineering design, development and testing of the MIRROR Smart Weights product line consisting of nine sets of dumbbells and two sets of ankle weights. This connected tech product was designed to enhance the home workout experience for users of The Mirror, the client’s flagship product. 


The project called for DC Creatives to expand MIRROR’s product line beyond their flagship fitness mirror. The dumbbells had to work seamlessly with The Mirror’s existing technology and enhance the platform’s technical capabilities to enable movement tracking and repetition counting. The company wanted the product to launch in time for the 2021 holiday season.


DC Creatives delivered the product from inception to manufacturing in less than 12 months.

Connected Technology Features

The Connected Dumbbells and Ankle Weights automatically connect to The Mirror and integrate seamlessly into MIRROR’s existing workout system. The connected exercise equipment provides real time rep-tracking, weight suggestions, and form correction for a more effective strength workout. When the dumbbells are in motion, the LED illuminates to let the user know they’ve connected. When not in use, the LED turns off, leaving a matte white number that helps the product add to a tranquil home environment.

Innovative Wearable Tech Design

The Mirror Ankle Weights have a unique wrap around design with just enough stretch that enables a one-size fits all. The soft, pillow-like weight capsules provide maximum flexibility on the ankles and wrists while maintaining a balanced distribution of weight around the ankle. This flexible design fits better around the ankle bone than typical weights, allowing wearers to work out longer and more comfortably.

This unique and patented design was conceptualized, developed and tested in-house by the DC Creatives team. 

Ergonomic Fitness Product

The Connected Dumbbells feature a knurled handle specifically and ergonomically designed by teh DC Creatives team for MIRROR. The square weight plate is perfect for support and stability and the high-quality rubber edge increases product durability.

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