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Hair Care Technology

Innovative, portable hair mist steamer designed for salon-quality results at home for all hair types




SOTRO is a first-of-its-kind collapsible hair steamer engineered to bring salon-quality results into the comfort of your home. This portable and storage-friendly solution allows you to reap the maximum hair health benefits from your favorite hair treatments, conditioners, and masks. 


DC Creatives led the engineering effort to design, build and test the first SOTRO Hair Steamer prototype. The SOTRO team needed a high-quality, working prototype that would allow them to field test their product and raise additional venture capital. Due to the quality of the prototype, they were able to successfully raise additional capital just a few months after the project was completed. 


We are proud to continue to support the SOTRO Innovations team as they pursue their mission of easy, affordable hair care for all.

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