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Hardware Upgrade & Cost Reduction

Updated connected fitness hardware for improved performance and cost reduction




DC Creatives led the engineering design effort of an updated version of MIRROR’s flagship product, The Mirror. The goal of the project was to upgrade the technical capabilities of the device, improve the audio system and reduce the BOM cost by at least 35%.

DC Creatives led the engineering effort and assisted with onboarding a new contract manufacturer throughout the 18 month effort. Ultimately, we were able to reduce the BOM cost by 48%, exceeding the project goals.

BOM Cost Reduction

The Mirror  emerged from the cost reduction process with an improved perception of quality as well as  improvements to key technology components. The DC Creatives team was able to drastically reduce the cost to produce The Mirror by 48%. Expertise in glass and metal fabrication as well as strategically redesigned components ensured the cost reduction was invisible to customers and resulted in a better, higher quality product for the company.

Upgraded Tech Capabilities

The new version of The Mirror included a brand new audio system. Specifically designed to create the full studio effect, The Mirror was updated to include a 4 x 15W high-fidelity speaker system with 6 drivers including 2 woofers power. It also included an upgraded chip for improved performance and product longevity.

All of the mechanical design of The Mirror was lead by DC Creatives in collaboration with MIRROR's contract manufacturer.

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