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Exclusive Services

We provide best-in-class expertise in product development, engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. Everything we do is in service of our clients and their vision, helping forge new market categories and innovating the future. We leverage an industry leading engineering process that can be tailored to the needs of any project.

Product Ideation

Technical product research is conducted to determine the current market landscape and technical feasibility, supported by hands-on competitor tear-downs for initial cost and manufacturing estimates.  Working closely with the client, ideation is a collaborative effort where concepts and features are refined into a singular, focused product vision. 

Product Design & Development

Design and development of all product features including any mechanical electrical, firmware or software systems. Product design works in tandem with 

engineering to ensure the final product is functionally sound, aesthetically pleasing and manufacturable. 

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid fabrication of a small number of high fidelity, high quality prototypes to be used for user testing, fundraising, press and marketing, photo shoots or internal critical evaluation. All prototyping is executed in the United States with the highest level of attention to detail.  

Testing and Certification

Test plan development and execution for the product's specific market needs. Testing capabilities include safety, security, thermal, load, drop and water ingress testing. Access to our network of global regulatory contacts and guidance through the certification and compliance process.


Creation of manufacturing drawings and specifications to be leveraged by a full scale manufacturer.  Seamless handoff, oversight and expert guidance as the product enters the manufacturing refinement process. Access to our global network of trusted contract manufacturer and suppliers. 


Let's Work Together

Interested in talking to us about your idea? Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation.

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