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Explore our work and the innovative companies behind the products we help create.

Mirror fitness device with woman lifting weights in front of it

The world's first interactive home gym designed for every home.

Pave motorcycle overlooking manhattan at night

Premium, technology-forward electric motorbikes.

Mirror branded dumbbells and ankle weights

Intelligent, comfortable, revolutionary.

Companion accessory to the Mirror home gym.


Portable e-bike upgrade with powerful friction-drive technology.

Sotro hair steamer shown in its many forms from fully outstretched to fully collapsed

Breakthrough hair care product for all hair types

Gameboard device with people sitting around on a couch playing a board game on it

The social gaming console that brings people together.


More organized families.
More magic moments with Hearth.


Inspired by magic, powered by technology.

Six12 modular shotgun held by a man in military apparel and helmet all in black

Modular, six-round revolver shotgun designed for military & law enforcement.

Pacmat shoe sanitation device


Sleek at-home footwear cleaning solution using fast-acting UV sanitation technology.

Front desk at the Wing

Custom access solution for members-only physical spaces.

Dogspot device with a woman putting a dog inside

Safe, comfortable and secure dog parking.

Different wig styles

Precision-driven, high-efficiency wig manufacturing revolutionizing a five hundred year old industry.

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